Origin - Window Features

20 Year Guarantee

By combining a premium grade aluminium with precision engineering and exceptional craftsmanship, Origin have a proven track record in delivering high quality, functional and stylish products that are built to last.

Thurmal performance

The Origin Window has been designed to keep a home warm when it’s chilly and cool when it’s hot. Featuring an advanced triple weather seal that achieved unrivalled weather testing results, the Origin Window ensures that the elements are kept outside and that energy bills stay low.

Thurmal performance

Attention to design is matched by high levels of security, as every window is installed with Yale’s highly renowned and dependable Encloser Lock. Featuring innovative bi-directional locking technology, the Origin Window is able to offer supreme security, long-term reliability and a flawless performance.

Thurmal performance

The Yale Encloser works by engaging cylindrical cams into a zinc alloy keep, which when locked, compressed and engaged, will not only provide an extremely dependable system, but will also provide optimal weather proofing, ensuring that your home is safe from intruders and elements alike.

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