Solarlux Bi-Fold Doors Installation Service

Solarlux Bi-Fold Door Systems

Maximise your open space with Solarlux bi-folding glass doors. A five-metre-wide folding glass door can be easily folded away into a neat space-saving package of a mere 50 cm in width. The Solarlux systems made of aluminium, wood or a combination of the two, can be used to create bespoke solutions – whatever size you require. Create spacious interiors with maximum thermal insulation and security.

Why choose Solarlux? View the video below:

Choose your opening constellation

Folding glass doors offer a wide range of opening configurations. Decide whether you want the panels to open outwards or inwards and how many panels on each side.

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What materials are available?
For your system, you can choose between aluminium, timber, or timber/aluminium composite. This lets you incorporate your own individual style.

Aluminium - The strength of aluminium is its biggest asset as the narrow frames are strong enough to allow for very slim sight lines. They require very little maintenance to stay in good working order and are available in the widest range of colours.

Timber - The biggest advantage of timber bi-fold doors is that they are estheticly pleasing and can be contured to fit uneven openings. The timber is engineered to ensure that the wood is less likely to be affected by the elements, making it more resistant to twisting or swelling. Timber’s most obvious downside is that it does require much more maintenance than aluminium doors, but this is just the nature of a traditional material.

Composite - If you can't choose between aluminium and timber, then a composite bifold doors will give you the best of both worlds. All the strength of aluminium on the outside coupled with the beauty of timber on the inside.

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Aluminium Bi Fold Doors

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Wood Bi Fold Doors

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Wood Aluminium Composite Bi Fold Doors

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