Silvelox Luxury Entrance Doors

Silvelox Entrance doors combine luxury aesthetics and build quality with maximum security. They are designed to incorporate technology for smooth daily operation and for the protection of your household, ensuring that function is equal to form. You can read more about the unique features below - all combining to ensure a safe, durable and aesthetically pleasing entrance door.

Our Showroom

A visit to our showroom is strongly recommended, as seeing the different doors in a working environment, allows you to feel and envisage the product on your property. Our specialists are on-hand to explain the different industry jargon, and ensure your door work for you and your home. If you want the highest thermally insulated doors, backed up with the highest security and great aesthetical designs and looks - we have the solutions and answers.

Bespoke Design

Silvelox can also create bespoke entrance door designs to match perfectly with other doors or features of your property. They are configurable in a variety of ways. With traditional and contemporary woods, finishes and accessories available, it's as easy to create a traditional entrance door as it as a modern entrance door. Contact our sales team for more details.

Why choose a Silvelox Front Door?
Silvelox pride themselves on attention to detail. There’s as much time and effort put into creating a stylish hidden hinge as there is the wooden finish. Here is a list of unique features:

  Unrivalled Security

Thanks to modern burglar resistance technologies, all Silvelox entrance doors are able to satisfy different levels of protection and security, starting from Class 2 all the way up to the maxium Class 4.
  Superior Construction

At the heart of all Silvelox front doors is a solid steel frame, that will not warp, twist or crack. The steel is encased in thick, engineered, hardwood panels. The tough natural beauty of hardwood is perfectly complimented by precision engineered steel, Silvelox front doors are as stylish as they are secure.
  Hidden Hinges

A nice design touch is that the door sits flush with the surrounding architrave, due to the unique hidden hinges, which also enable the door to open to 135°. An ideal door for rooms where the wall is clad, for example, in wood panelling that matches the door.
  Interior and Exterior Matching

Choose a different wood and finish on the interior and exterior of your front door. Silvelox manufacture matching garage and internal doors for our entire range of front doors. Now you can have a seamless aesthetic inside and out.