Silvelox Luxury Entrance Door Range


A clean, modern front door with a neo-classic geometrical design.


A traditional front door with a design akin to the clean lines of a conventional internal door.


Classic elegance evocative of the graceful Georgian era.


A bold, striking design, creating an elegant and traditional front door.


Elegantly minimalist look enhanced by horizontal grooves with rounded edges.


With simple cross-hatched grooving, this front door is a touch of the avant-garde.


Uncompromisingly contemporary, an ideal architectonic solution for ultra-modern properties.


Robustly traditional front door that radiates an ageless elegance.


A complimentary front door suitable for modern and more contemporary settings.


A modern front door with sharp carvings that create bas-reliefs.


The deep routing of this contemporary front door creates a memorable impression.


Deep lines carved into the face in a deliberately unsystematic style to create a bold design.


Uneven vertically carved lines give this front door a genuinely unique appearance.


The RITZ Slot has the beautifully engineered bas-reliefs that are characteristic of the range.


A tasteful front door with a traditional design and an elegant herringbone groove.


The formal matrix of tiles creates a traditional front door of great prestige and character.


Features vertical sections with a design that is traditional yet timeless.


An understated, contemporary front door using classic, geometric shapes.


There is a wide choice of woods to meet most personal tastes. Woods are then stained, using a special satin water-soluble transparent varnish that guarantees the maintenance and duration of the product. There are two types of “treatment”: transparent varnish or covering lacquers.

Choice and flexibility are two key words with Silvelox. Though the doors are available as standard in a selection of woods, rarer woods can be used on request. Selecting the right stain to match existing doors and windows can be difficult, but Silvelox can match it and coat your door in that exact stain.


Silvelox can match to any of the 2,328 RAL colours that are available. RAL is the internationally leading colour standard for all professional users of colours in architecture and design and has been the language of the world of colour since 1927. For the perfect match just give us a colour sample or RAL reference and we'll coat your door in that exact paint.


Glazing Options

Silvelox offers a range of windows that will bring light and change the visual impact of the door without compromising its security characteristics. In the case of entrance doors, windows are made from laminated security glass.


Particular attention has been paid to the choice of the most suitable handle both for functionality and aesthetics.

All the handles have been designed by architects Gabriele and Oscar Buratti to give you the choice of accessories that are not just functional but also enhance the doors design.


Superior Construction
At the heart of all Silvelox front doors is a solid steel frame, that will not warp, twist or crack. The steel is encased in thick, engineered, hardwood panels. The tough natural beauty of hardwood is perfectly complimented by precision engineered steel, Silvelox front doors are as stylish as they are secure.

Hidden Hinges

A nice design touch is that the door sits flush with the surrounding architrave, due to the unique hidden hinges, which also enable the door to open to 135°. An ideal door for rooms where the wall is clad, for example, in wood panelling that matches the door.

Interior and Exterior Matching
Choose a different wood and finish on the interior and exterior of your front door. Silvelox manufacture matching garage and internal doors for our entire range of front doors. Now you can have a seamless aesthetic inside and out.

Noise Reduction

The insulation doubles as soundproofing against noises coming from outside the house, in some cases this can be a very important factor - if your property is situated in a busy area. Silvelox entrance doors have been put through strict tests measuring their noise reduction level to ensure the best noise reduction.

Energy Saving

For the past few years, the building industry have paid bigger attention to energy saving and Eco-friendly issues. Silvelox has always cared about it. The All_Wood range comes with wood frames and thermal-break threshold, created to satisfy the need for a door to have a thermal insulation value as low as 0.6 W/m²K.


Thanks to modern burglar resistance technologies, all Silvelox entrance doors are able to satisfy different levels of protection and security. The choice of the security class depends on your properties characteristics and protection needs. Silvelox is able to offer a complete range of security options, starting from Class 2 all the way up to the maxium Class 4.

Class 2 offers a good level of protection against burglar resistance, preventing break in through physical strength of the burglar or the use of common tools as lever, screwdriver, wedge etc. It’s advised for apartments in block of flats with guard service in the entrance.

Class 3
protection level is the most common for Silvelox entrance doors and guarantees superb resistance to silent but destructive burglar attempts with tools such as big screwdriver or jemmy. They can be used in many different settings as main entrances of single houses or matched in block of flats and for needs of internal steel-clad doors.

Class 4
protection level assures the highest levels of security against break in, made by an expert burglar that could also use drills, saws, hatches, hammer etc. They are particularly suitable for main entrances of villas, detached houses or shops at risk.

Special Secuirty Series

Flamma Plus is a Silvelox security door, that is certified RE160 and has been specifically created in order to satisfy special requests of a fire-resistant door, when security is important and an armoured door is needed.

All_Wood is the entrance door with wood frames and thermal-break threshold, created to satisfy the need for a door to have a thermal insulation value as low as 0.6 W/m²K.


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