Free Standing Awnings
A pleasant and inviting atmosphere in the open air in your favourite spot. Stylish protection from the sun and the vagaries of the weather over large areas. Effective solutions not only for commercial applications. Al fresco living is increasing in popularity, thus sun and weather protection systems are required meeting the needs of the people. They have to be flexible and versatile. Stable and sturdy with high user value for your favourite spot outdoors in your patio or garden. For al fresco catering establishments where particularly large areas need to be equipped with sun and weather protection, the awning stand system markilux syncra is the perfect solution. markilux syncra does not require a wall for fixture and the installed folding-arm awnings can be operated independently from each other.

The markilux syncra offers a range of convincing solutions. A large number of awning models in various designs as well as optional accessories such as lighting, shadeplus and a whole lot more can be chosen to complement the markilux syncra.
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