ThermoSafe Entrance Doors
With a 73-mm-thick door leaf, the ThermoSafe entrance doors fulfil all requirements for low-energy houses and the new EnEV 2014. The door construction is particularly suitable for installations without thermal bridges and provides a range of benefits:

1. Solid 73 mm aluminium door leaf with PU rigid foam infill and internal leaf profile
2. Aluminium leaf profile with thermal break
3. 80 mm aluminium door frame with thermal break
4. Double sealing with an all-round seal

With stylish, coordinated design elements,the ThermoSafe aluminium entrance door is visually impressive across the board:

Solid interior and exterior door leaf view
No visible door profile interrupts the look of the door. This means the entrance door looks generously proportioned from the outside, while the interior view harmonises perfectly with your residential internal doors.

Door frame with 70 mm profile view (not shown)
Standard for fitting in the opening.

Optional frame variants for an individual look
Broader door frames
On request, door frames are also available in a width of 110 mm, for a more convenient and attractive connection to full thermal insulation, for example.
  Fascia frame Rondo 70
The rounded frame profile adds a stylish touch to your entrance door, providing it with a particularly harmonious look with its rounded edges.
  Fascia frame Caro 70
This version has an attractive and distinguished look that upgrades the appearance of your door through the frame’s added appearance of depth.
Quality is in the details. The ThermoSafe offers numerous features, all of which are practical and convenient for your home:

3-way adjustable hinges
The beautifully designed three-way hinges allow the ThermoSafe entrance door to be variably adjusted. This way, your entrance door is optimally sealed and falls smoothly and securely into its lock. You can also opt for elegant, concealed hinges (incl. leverage protection).

Tamper-proof profile cylinder
The profile cylinder is equipped with an antipicking system and drill protection. In addition, it offers an emergency and hazard function, i.e. the door lock can still be operated when a key is inserted on the inside. The tamper-proof locking cylinder is certified according to DIN 18252 / DIN EN 1303 and is delivered with 5 reversible keys.

Aluminium interior lever
ThermoSafe entrance doors are equipped as standard with the attractive Rondo interior lever, stove-enamelled in white. Optionally, it is also available in stainless steel or your choice of RAL as well as the versions Caro or Okto, also in stainless steel.

Stainless steel lock plates
The lock plates ensure a convenient adjustment of the door, so that your door falls shut optimally and can be closed securely.
Being able to rest easy in your own home is important. This is why the ThermoSafe entrance doors are equipped with multiple-point locking as standard.

5-point security lock H5 and security bolts on the hinge side
When locking, 3 steel swing bolts with 2 additional bolt locks pivot into the stainless steel lock plates. The swing bolts make pulling apart or forcing open the door more difficult.

Exterior surface-mounted security rose escutcheon
The patented exterior rose escutcheon also protects the profile cylinder against being drilled open and twisted off. Delivered as standard in Traffic white RAL 9016, or in stainless steel for coloured doors.

Optional: break-in resistant RC security features
This increased security is available for entrance doors, side elements and transom lights with RC 2 and RC 3 features.


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