ThermoCarbon Entrance Doors
Thanks to a 100-mm-thick door leaf, the ThermoCarbon entrance doors are ideal for low-energy houses and fulfil all requirements of the new EnEV 2014. The door construction is particularly suitable for installations without thermal bridges and provides excellent benefits:

1. Solid 100 mm aluminium door leaf with PU rigid foam infill and internal leaf profile
2. Thermal break and high stability thanks to carbon glass-fibre reinforced composite leaf profile
3. 111 mm aluminium door frame with thermal break
4. Triple sealing with two all-round seals

The ThermoCarbon aluminium entrance door offers you individual design possibilities and protects your home, making it not only secure, but also stylish:

Solid interior
and exterior door leaf view No visible door profile interrupts the look of the door. This means the entrance door looks generously proportioned from the outside, while the interior view harmonises perfectly with your residential internal doors.

Door frame with 100 mm profile view (not shown)
Suitable for a convenient and attractive connection to the full thermal insulation. Standard for fitting in the opening.

Flush-fitting exterior handles for exclusive door styles
Stainless steel handle with recessed grip
Doors with a stainless steel handle come as standard with a recessed grip in the colour of the door.
  Continuous aluminium handle bar
As standard, the complete handle bar is supplied in White aluminium, RAL 9006, with a recessed grip in the colour of the door.
  Aluminium handle bar with recessed grip
As standard, this handle bar comes in White aluminium, RAL 9006, with a recessed grip in the colour of the door.
The ThermoCarbon is not only unsurpassed for thermal insulation and security, the door’s features offer you everything you want and more:

Concealed hinges
The hinges of the ThermoCarbon entrance door are concealed between the door frame and leaf, i.e. they are not visible either from inside or outside: a visually elegant solution for your home. The door leaves can be simply and easily adjusted. This way, you can close your entrance door comfortably and securely at all times.

Tamper-proof profile cylinder
The tamper-proof profile cylinder, certified in accordance with DIN 18252 / DIN EN 1303, features premium fittings: an anti-picking system, drill protection, and an emergency and hazard function. This means that the door lock can still be operated when a key is inserted on the inside. 5 reversible keys are delivered with the door.

Stainless steel interior lever
The elegant Caro stainless-steel interior lever is standard for ThermoCarbon entrance doors.

Continuous stainless steel closing strip
The high-quality stainless steel closing strip is elegantly integrated into the door frame. This enables optimum adjustment of the door and allows for secure locking at all times.
ThermoCarbon aluminium entrance doors are the best in their class in terms of security. Standard equipment with the H9 security lock offers you the best protection. Only from Hörmann: RC 4 security equipment is optionally available for even more safety.

9-point H9 security lock and concealed hinges that cannot be forced open
The ThermoCarbon comes with 9-point security. When locking, 5 steel swing bolts and 4 bolt locks pivot into the stainless steel lock plates. This top security protects your door with just one turn of a key.

Exterior flush-fitting security rose escutcheon
The stainless steel security rose escutcheon fits into the door leaf particularly elegantly, and also protects the profile cylinder against being drilled open.

Optional: break-in resistant RC security features
This increased security is available for entrance doors and side elements with RC 2, RC 3 and RC 4 features.


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