Brief Description
The side sliding sectional door offers many advantages:

1. A lot of space under the garage ceiling
Because the door opens to the side, you can use the entire ceiling of the garage, for example, to store surfboards or canoes. Thanks to its unique design, the side sliding sectional door can also be used in difficult fitting situations with sloped roofs.

2. Fast access to the garage
The so-called wicket door function is standard in the new side sliding sectional doors. This means that both manual and power-driven doors can be opened just a bit in order to get into the garage faster. This is practical and reduces waiting time if, for example, you just want to get your bicycle out of the garage.

Door Sizes

This door is available in a maximum width of 6500mm and a maximum height of 3000mm. For more information on sizes and prices please contact us.

Door Finishes

Woodgrain On this robust surface with an authentic sawn timber look, minor scratches can be repaired without leaving any visible sign of damage.

New Silkgrain This elegant surface finish with its fine structure fits particularly well with modern architecture.

Colour Options

The surfaces are perfectly protected against rust. Rain runs off without leaving any streaky marks thanks to the use of hot-galvanized material and a high-quality polyester-primer coating on both sides. A grey haze from air pollution is largely prevented.

Side sliding sectional doors are supplied in Grey white, RAL 9002, on the interior of the door.

Additional RAL Colours

Alternatively you can choose any colour of you choice on the RAL chart - Contact SWR for more information.



Handle Options


Insulated as standard - 42-mm-thick PU foamed sandwich panels offer excellent acoustic and thermal insulation and increase door stability.