Domestic Garage Door Warranty
Garage door installations carried out by a member of the DHF Garage Door Group are warranted for a period of 2 years from date of installation.

During this period, products which have manufacturing defects will be repaired or replaced by the installer.  Any problems resulting from incorrect or poor installation will be rectified to ensure the installation is of a satisfactory standard.  In the event of the installer being unable to resolve the situation, eg the installer is no longer trading, your installation is backed by the DHF Garage Door Group.

Some products carry extended periods of warranty relating to the product or certain aspects of it.  The customer has the full benefit of all these applicable warranties. 

This warranty does not cover consequential loss or damage and also excludes consumable items such as batteries, bulbs etc.  The maximum liability under the warranty shall be the original purchase price inclusive of VAT at the time of installation.

This warranty is subject to:

  an annual service and safety check being carried out by a DHF Garage Door Group member.
  the application of the DHF visual appearance standard (Click here for the guidlines).
  compliance with recommended maintenance procedures.
  the warranty conditions of the product manufacturer.

This warranty is only applicable to installations carried out by DHF Garage Door Group members and is given by the member company and not the DHF.

In the event of non-resolution of a problem, DHF offers an arbitration service.

Please retain your invoice as proof of purchase and confirmation of the installation date. In the event of a claim under this warranty, please notify the installing company.