Cardale Garage Doors

Cardale has more than 50 years’ experience in the
industry and are innovators in developing unique
products for the British market.

Cardale is a responsible manufacturer and continually
strives to reduce its environmental footprint through the
use of sustainable resources.

We offer ranges of doors operating in several ways.
Depending on your preference and the physical
characteristics of your garage, Cardale will have
something for you.
Do you know what material you would like ? Select it here:
Cardale Berkeley
Cardale Cotsworld
Cardale Gatcombe
Cardale Jacobean
Cardale Vertical
Cardale Brompton
Cardale Georgian
Cardale Sheraton
Cardale Chelsea II
Cardale Georgian II
Cardale Hamberdone II
Cardale Lyndhurst II
Cardale ABS (Plastic)
Cardale ABS (Plastic)
Berkeley Vertical
Cardale ABS (Plastic)
Cardale ABS (Plastic)
Cardale ABS (Plastic)