LINEALEGNO TIMBER RANGE - A design open to all needs.

Linealegno HF is the Ballan up-and-over timber door designed to meet the requirements of the highest standards in terms of thermal transmittance for energy upgrading of buildings, certified by tests performed by a notified body. A great achievement leading to significant energy savings (and possibility of tax relief as envisaged by law), thanks to the reduction in thermal bridges between the internal structure and the external sections in wood, the overall thickness of the leaf (from a minimum of 105 mm, depending on the model) and the optimal distribution of the insulation material inserted in the interior, as well as the perimeter seals and lower floor skirting in thermoplastic.

Unrivalled quality in heat efficiency.

Linealegno HF is not only the perfect barrier against variations in external temperatures, air and water. It is also the most durable, stylish and silent garage door available.The structure of the mobile leaf and external frame, both in steel and entirely faced in wood panelling, guarantee remarkable strength, eliminating any creaking of wooden elements while maintaining top levels of rigidity.
Cladding is in ply wood, more resistant to stress and deformation, with healthy wood ensured by micro-ventilation, by virtue of a small air jacket. The Ballan Linealegno HF up-and-over door with standard configuration and dimensions, ensures a thermal transmittance of less than 1.4 W/m²K.


The wood panels used to clad the Linealegno HF up-and-over doors are in Okoumè ply or Okoumè ply with exterior clad in top quality wood: Hemlock, Iroko, Mahogany, Oak, Douglas, or Yellow Pine. They are also available in laminated Fir or Larch, with knots, and with an optional brushed finish to reproduce the authentic surface wear of antique wood. A splendid variety of solutions, with added Ballan guarantee of durability thanks to the special protective treatment, with a range of six different tones in the rigorously water-based varnishes/paints, now including transparent. Linealegno HF is also an eye-catching door in the four standard colours (RAL 6005, 6007, 6009 and 3009) or on request in any colour available in the Ballan RAL colour chart.

RAL Colours

Patented and intruder-resistant, the new Ballan handle in die cast aluminium is an exclusive Ballan design. The polyester powder paint finish ensures maximum resistance to attack of external agents on the satin-finished chrome (metal grey colour). The central grip, available in two versions, has a provision for the insertion of two leds that illuminate when the door is moving and when the door is open. The lock integrates the anti-drill and anti-intruder Defender system with security cylinder.

Handles and locks in aluminium are alternatively available with polished brass finish, satin or bronze finish or with satin-finished chrome.

CE guarantee

The models in the Fusion HF range are constructed with the Sikura HF structure which uses 120 mm side jambs in heavy gauge pressed and galvanised steel.

Thanks to the CE marking and CE Declaration of Conformity – supplied by Ballan – which certifies full compliance with the product standard UNI EN 13241-1, the models in this range are ranked at the top in terms of accident prevention. Each Fusion HF up-and-over door is equipped with an "identity card" in the form of its CE nameplate, which provides unequivocal identification of the product and carries all the information required by statutory regulations.


The ERG operators applied to Ballan up-and-over doors are electronic masterpieces offering the highest levels of safety and efficiency.

Only the safest technology

Remote opening of your garage door is ultra-convenient. Thanks to Ballan, this simple action also corresponds to the safest choice because all operators are entirely designed in-house.

Safety of the “sensitive” motor

On all operators, the 24 V gearmotor, complete with on-board control unit (with “open-close” button) and force limiter device, interrupts and inverts movement on detection of an obstacle (maximum permissible force of 400N).

The ERG-1 and ERG-2 operators incorporate the motor and control panel in a single unit accommodated in a black plastic housing and mounted on the mobile leaf, with electrical wiring routed through a conduit. The motor arms with sliding block (Ballan patent), comply with the required safety clearances. Strengths of the ERG operator: - the single support and drive arm on the mobile section, is specially shaped to observe safety clearances and avoid finger pinching and shearing hazards; - variable force during opening and closing movements.

Internal view of the ERG-1 operator, envisaging a central motor applied on the central rail (on mobile leaf) with motor base and transmission tubes.   Internal view of the ERG-2 operator and pair of internal prefitted and prewired photocells (optional).

The lever arm and curved motor arm with sliding block (Ballan patent) ensure maintenance of the safety clearances and avoid the risk of finger crushing.
Operator accessories:
Pair of photocells 2. External receiver 3. 2-channel transmitter
24V flashing light 5. External terminal board for accessory wiring